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That's not only lame, it's a scam, I like the idea of cloud software in the way apple handles it, you buy it and its updated for free, not this yearly subscription BS, what if I want to keep the same app for a few years before upgrading, can I still edit my website or will I be stuck till I pay them.

Sure i have the new Lightroom but I have cs3 dream weaver because I don't need to update it, it works for me. Grrr the times they are a changin'


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There is a real role for subscription software, but that role is for software that is specialized, flexible and robust, and of the type that often requires knowledgeable application support.

The law office management software I used to use was sold on a subscription basis, and the support was invaluable, because the people on the other end of the line knew about how law offices worked, and how their software could be used to solve problems.