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Last night on TV they were playing the french movie Sade, about the Marquis de Sade played by Daniel Auteuil and got me thinking. I went to my book case and took down all the books on the subject of eroticism I have, including the ones of the Marquis himself, Octavio Paz, Plato, modern greek poets, chinese/persian/indian guide books, etc. I looked at my photographic bookcase and my aquisitions of the subject where only a couple books with nudes and Helmut Newton.
Yet, that's exactly what I am -not- looking for.
Is there real, genuine erotic photography, that's not glossy mainstream porn (boring), fashion glam pseudo-erotic (a fashion model with leather corset for example), or just plain nudes (a naked human is wonderful but needs more than plain "all in your face" to be erotic)?
Something that could be as subtle as a look or as direct as BDSM, yet retain an artistic value that's beyond pleasing the casual horniness?
(how else could I put it? )
Ever take a look at the work of Araki? Japanese photographer of ehmm, well, do a Google and find out what he takes pictures of.