So a couple thoughts.

First is that you'll probably be in the 150mm to 210mm range for focal length to get close to the same angle of view.

Second the maximum aperture on the lens will probably be marked as somewhere close to f/5.6. Bellows draw as you move in close reduces effective aperture so maybe 5.6 & 1/3 to 5.6 & 1/2.

That puts you around 1/10th for speed. That's not the whole story though.

You need to test your film in real terms with a real live subject just like your example. 3 shots done at EI 400,800,1600 with the film you intend to use. If you find that you can shoot at 1600 and get the detail you need/want/like then you are back to 1/60thish. If 800 works the 1/30th.