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Update on this issue, the camera was fully checking by the guy I bought it from, he has had a few of them over the years do this when being posted out where the spring loaded slider mechanism slips and needs resetting, he is sending me over details of how to reset it back to how it was. If I can't sort it out he said he is willing to do it if I sent it back and he pays the postage - its nice to know that there are decent genuine sellers still out there!

To be honest I will probably be using a tether release on the front lens rather than using the focal plane shutter as it will reduce the jump of such a large curtain moving in the camera but I want to make sure its 100% if I do bolt on a barrel lens.

With regards to the missing lettering, I think it might indeed have been repainted/restored but the lettering not reapplied, I will look into getting something added, I will keep everyone posted with my progress, but so far I am very impressed with the number of features on this camera, especially due to fact it cost far less than half the cost of a 'body only' Shen camera and came with a decent (non standard) lens.
My Speed Graphic has the exact same problem, do you think it would be possible for you to upload these instructions to this site somehow?