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For a few months I have been using it with Vivitar 215 which is a high voltage flash without an incident. However now since you mentioned it, I'm starting to reconsider. Maybe it is not such a good idea. I just ordered an adapter. Good luck!
Damage isn't necessarily instataneious according to what I've read. My understanding is in some cases you can use a flash with too much voltage for an extended period of time until one day... poof!

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I also read quite a bit into this (as much as I could find that is). I have been using a metz mecablitz 60 which is pretty powerful with its external battery. I've not had any problems.
Mecablitz 60 CT-4s are rated safe for recent Canon DSLRs. I've used one on a Canon DSLR, ETRS, and Rollei Integral. The amount of light a flash puts out has nothing to do with the trigger voltage. Far less powerful flashes than the mighty Mecablitz 60 CT-4 have baked cameras.

Consult the chart in the OP. It is a great resource.