Warm tone papers are much faster... I use 45 seconds generally with Ilford Warmtone and Dektol - this will take a bit of the green out and gives a nice neutral warm tone
to the paper.

Coldtone papers I will go a bit longer.

Generally with Selenium I am just adding the selenium so it attaches to the silver for archival purposes rather than selenium toning for a look

My main method is to combine bleach sepia first then selenium on warm and cold papers which I believe adds a oommpph to my prints.
depending on the look I am going for , I will adjust the bleach time from as little as 5 seconds to a full on bleach to get deep browns.

When I feel I can charge more I will add Gold toner after the sepia bath then selenium
On cold tone papers like Galerie the upper highlights will go peachy warm and the tri tone effect is very compelling but very expensive to work with.

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Bob, what are the range of times you use and the effects you are after?