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"When an electronic flash is connected to the hot-shoe, current moves through the X contact. So be sure to put the safety cover supplied with the camera on the X contact so that you will not receive an electric shock."

It's kinda hard to get an electric shock with just 6V on the contacts is it? So unless I'm misreading it, they must be assuming a higher voltage there.

I don't have a background in EE or anything even close so I will not be able to add to your knowledge of circuits. What I can say though is a low voltage shock can cause injury if there is enough current. And even if it doesn't cause anything more than mild transient discomfort it could still be a legal and marketing issue. Well heeled yuppies would definitely get down in the mouth about getting little shocks from their brand new very expensive toys. So how much current are we talking about? I have no idea. I would have to defer to you EE types.