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Women are wiser than we think and usually they are correct in what they say. We (men) tend to forget that or even think otherwise. Even when they go mad they do forgive and understand. If she says there are too many cameras she will have a good point and is proberly correct.
Women may have too many shoes but it is part of there identity. Cameras etc. may be part of the identity of men, but women also wear shoes for men, to look good. Men don't have cameras for their wives, we may brag with them but I would say it is more souly for us.
I believe Philippe-Georges above has a few good points. She may reconize a problem clearer and better than a man. I would rather give my money to women than a man.
Women are carrying the world's wisdom, they pass it on, more or less, to the world.
Men spoil that wisdom, time after time, and to cover that men oppress women...
As a father, I finally got aware of that, but why it took so long?