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I understand why you'd say that, but your initial statements - as well as Andreas T's - do show a strong feminist bias... to the point of being rediculously untrue.
Lets not let this get ugly ok.
I would not say it is feminist bias, I would like to say to be open to what women say or think. Why do you mean rediculously untrue? It is difficult to state my point of view in writting in English. Anyway IMO men get very edgy and nervous (like a short agressive attention span) when listening to a women. I do all the time, we need to try and listen. Both sides should be objective, women also misunderstand men. Women may be vain sure, but we do want that often. Do you not think if we are true to ourselves we only want them to be vain. Who wants to talk to a women? This may be a hard statement but I think there is a bit of trouth there. (I am going to regret this)