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In fact you are giving them to Frau Merkel

IMO Woman want to look good for the benefit of their own vanity and especially insecurity, not "for men". They certainly don't wear high heels out of generosity toward men (who normally don't care a fig about heels, and care about other stuff, for which many woman are not just as generous ).

I think it was Schiller who said something like: "Men desire woman; woman desire men's desire".

You seem to have some kind of a feminist bias. Don't worry. Certainly some black slaves were pro-slavery, after all
It may be that she is doing a good job we will see about that.
Sometimes this shoe handbag stuff damn that can be a pain. Then again all this tech talk about cars too. If we started giving a fig about heels etc. we may start realising in a part why they do it and it can be an enrichment for men. It was and is for me. We do not see what women wear, we just look at there "assets", but those hidden things which women use to make themselves more attractive shows the true power of women. We do not even get it.
But to tell the truth I agree with Schiller at the end of the day.
P.S. my girlfriend is sitting next to me!