Well, since nobody has bought the camera, I suppose I must have told the wrong joke. Ok, let's try again:
A woman and her tennis coach are in bed when she hears her husband coming in early from work. She leaps out of bed, shoves the naked coach into the corner of the bedroom, rubs baby oil on him and then covers him with talcum powder. Then she says "Shut your eyes, strike a pose and stay still if you don't want to get caught." The hubby comes into the bedroom to change out of his suit and asks "When did we change the decor in here?" Wifey says "Well, Judy Sokolowicz got a statue for her bedroom not long ago, and I thought we could get one too." Later that night they went to bed and when his wife was sound asleep, the husband got up and went to the kitchen to get a sandwich and a glass of water. He took this back to the bedroom, handed it to the "statue" and said "Here, eat this. Last month I had to stand like that all weekend at the Sokolowicz house and I thought I was going to starve to death."