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If i remember correctly, the Multigrade II filters had to be used with the Multigrade II paper, which was replaced with the Multigrade III and later IV paper some thirty years ago. It came with some kind of calculator, because you had to change the exposure time of the paper when changing grades. With the introduction of the Multigrade III paper, a new filterset was introduced where you only had to change the exposure time when switching grades between 3.5 and 4.
So based on the above and Simon Galley's response MGII filters are useless with modern(MGIII and IV) paper as they need a calculator but this in turn became redundant when MGIII and IV paper came along so even unused MGII filters with or without a calculator are waste bin material?

This surprises me. I had never seen any statement to this effect being made before. Maybe and hopefully I have misunderstood Huub's statement and in fact MGII filters can be used but a calculator is now unnecessary as changes to the paper make it redundant?

Can anyone clear this up for me?