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There might be a few (good-)reasons why your wife would not accept you buying an other camera.
She might have other, more important, priorities or items to spend money on:
- a baby coming its way, something that costs hands full of money, she thinks you might have 'forgotten' that
- a new or safer car to take the kids to school
- a new washing machine, clean underwear and ditto baby clothes are important too!
- redecorating, a cosy house is nice for the whole family (and feeding the baby)
- the heating boiler is aging
- she thinks that you should invest in something really useful, what ever that might be (for the baby)
- the threat of the economical crisis is coming in closer and closer
- the mortgage (rent) that is becoming more and more difficult to pay (see above)
- her job is insecure (and she didn't dear to tell you) (see above)
- keep something for bad times to come (see above)
- she finally might want something nice, and less down to earth, for her self too (becoming a mother is ruining your body shape...)
- she doesn't like the kind of pictures you take, you might change you style first...
- she want you to be more kind and attend full to her
- she thinks that you love more these camera's than you love her...
- she thinks that you already have enough spend on those damned camera's: "...now, do something good, get out and shoot!!!..."

Be happy with the new baby and forget that Hasselblad (and see that quote below)!
... she just wants to be the boss of you just because she thinks that she can. Be happy with the new baby and buy that Hasselblad!