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Thanks everyone. Like I said, I shoot a different XA2 and the XA4 quite regularly, and I know the results I should be getting. I've never had to mess with the 1.5 option. Batteries are fresh, the contacts and sensor are clean. To David's point, there were a few frames where I had to fiddle with the shutter button a bit to get it to engage.

In reviewing my shots, I'm noticing quite a few are underexposed -- not just scenes with a sky. These were all shot on fresh Superia 400, camera set to 400.
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Thanks for following up. These definitely look underexposed. Even the sky in the shots with sky look underexposed.

Have you used more than one roll in this camera? (just saying, it could be a problem with the film, the development, or even the ISo set wrong)

-OK, since you have more than one XA, the final answer is to compare them. Open the film back and try a couple of shots in different lighting. You should see the aperture and shutter speed change.
Compare that to one of your other cameras. My guess from the images is that you will see a noticeable difference.