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I don't like that remark...
Sorry if the message went through as something offensive. I did not mean to offend at all.

One day maybe somebody will found the "Men Liberation Front" and only then the real apostolate will begin, to make men conscious of their stolen rights and of the exploitation a feminist society exercise on them. In this sense, I hope one day you will become conscious of the state in which you are kept

Some examples:

in my youth, men had to do the compulsory military service (one year of life lost). Woman had not because, you know, they are woman, but they could be professional soldiers, because, you know, there must be parity of rights, and you could find them as your high-rank officer. You in the mud, they in the air-conditioned room pushing buttons on war simulators. No good for war, but good to compete with you in the military job market.

Woman live longer but retire earlier. Until a few years ago it was correct to say that a woman starting to work at 20, retiring at 60, living until 80, had 20 years pension for 40 years of contribution. A man starting at 20, retiring at 65, living until 70, had 5 years of pension with 45 years of contribution. Basically men have always paid woman's pensions. Your next of kin at your office, sitting at the desk opposite you, performing exactly the same office work, will retire earlier than you, because she's a delicate woman and her delicate butt suffers in being sitting too many years. You pay.

You marry. So romantic. If you have children and then divorce, in my country you have 99% probabilities your children to remain with the mother, and she will remain in the house. You will have to give her basically your entire wage besides continuing paying the mortgage. You will have to go on paying her your entire wage even if she lives, in your house, with another man richer than both you and her. Divorced man here spend their nights inside cars. The very lucky ones can maybe afford a bedroom for €500,00. Outrageous but appearing as normal, it seems.

You work in an office where let's say 20% of personnel is a woman (for sociological reasons over which nobody has control). But with "pink quotas" a woman is going now to have 4 times more probability, coeteris paribus, to get a promotion because, you know, it's unfair if less than half persons in top positions are woman (we in Italy are fast arriving there, some other peoples have already this kind of Indian reserve quotas).

You appear not to be divorced, not as of yet.

If and when you are, you'll become aware of the state of exploitation which you, as a divorced man, will be forced to endure. You'll probably forget a bit of all this sugary rhetoric. Believe me society as a whole is unjust toward men. The blame is not to be put on woman, but on the kind of "feminist men" who are "plus réalistes que le roi" and who made all this madness possible.

Regarding trusting your money, I've never heard a man even remotely mentioning the "Maya profecy". If you go to Piazza Navona, where fortune-tellers thrive, you will easily notice that 100% of the clients are woman. I've never met a man in my life who ever asked me my zodiacal sign.

Don't give money to somebody who thinks her future is written in her skin wrinkles.

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