Glad you enjoyed it Art! I'm sure you'll like the N50. There's really no reason not to. If you don't like the one you bought, please consider this one. I used it with Sigma 28-80 and a Tamron 70-300 lenses, and it always took great pictures. I think it is interesting to see a camera like this selling for $20. One warning: The N50 (and N80 and any others in this series) were all at risk of losing the auto-focus mirror. It sits beneath the main mirror and folds up at the same time...and that had happened to this one when I got it. It just falls off when the original adhesive fails. If this happens to yours, please let me know. You must use a very thin adhesive product to re-fasten it so that you preserve the auto-focus accuracy, and it has to be re-attached carefully as it (like the main mirror) is top-plated. This one has already had the fix and should be good for a long time.