Just a followup on this. The workshop ended yesterday, and was a great success and a great time - even the weather cooperated pretty well. We started shooting in Cannon Beach, east of Portland, moved down to the Florence area, finally to Sunset Beach, just south of Coos Bay. We camped and pot-lucked all the way. Everyone was great - special thanks to Matt (Blaze-on) for letting me share his campsite (I slept in the car since I didn't have any camping gear). The best for last - on Friday we went back to Portland, where we were put up in a hotel by Jensen Optical - who now makes Durst enlargers for 8x10, met Christopher Burkett; he and his wife gave us a personal tour of their shop - he prints exclusively Ilfochrome. After lunch we went to visit Jensen Optical to see his new enlargers and other equipment.

Hopefully, some of the other participants will provide their feedback as well. We may also get a couple of new members as well.

I'll be back in Hawaii on Tuesday.