So, I have some odds and ends that I have never used and have no systems for, or that I just don't jive with. Some of it was given to me or traded for or I bought several years ago and don't remember what I paid. I don't have a firm grasp of what any of it is worth in it's current condition, as most of it needs a little TLC. I wasn't sure if I should put this in here or the trade section. I would entertain offers or I would really love to trade. It would be great for this stuff to see some use and for me to get something that I will use too. I'll put a list of things I'm interested in at the bottom of my post

1. Minolta 85mm f/1.7. The glass is in beautiful condition from what I can see. It almost makes me want to buy a working minolta camera just to give it a try. The barrel isn't so pretty. there is paint loss as shown in photos. The aperture moves, but is sluggish and has some oil visible. It could be shot wide open as it sits, but would be too sluggish to stop it down. Everything else seems fine. I don't have any lens caps for it, so I am using a non-working xe-1 as a rear cap and a beat up old uv filter as a front cap. Hey, sometimes you have to be resourceful. I'll be happy to send the xe-1 along if you think you might want it. The mirror only returns on bulb. I have no idea.

camerastuffweb-1.jpg camerastuffweb-2.jpg camerastuffweb-3.jpg camerastuffweb-4.jpg camerastuffweb-5.jpg camerastuffweb-6.jpg

2. Rolleicord something or other. Not a fancy one. For some reason, I have just never felt much affinity for this camera. I have never even loaded film in it. Thanks to a vengeful ex, it was stored for a bit of time somewhere that didn't suit it (who knows!) and the lenses seem hazy or...something. I tried to capture it in the pictures, but I just couldn't get it. The mirror has a patina, which you can see in my photo of the viewing lens. Those spots aren't in the lens. They are on the mirror. The image still appears on the ground glass (which is intact), although I imagine it is a bit darker and less clear than on a rolleicord with a clear mirror. I have nothing to compare it with. I can still focus fine as-is. I have really no idea how much or little effect the condition will have on image quality. Maybe it will even be something fun for the lomo people. Maybe someone out there will give this poor camera a little appreciation.
camerastuffweb-7.jpg camerastuffweb-8.jpg camerastuffweb-9.jpg camerastuffweb-10.jpg camerastuffweb-11.jpg camerastuffweb-12.jpg

3. M42 mount Steinheil Munchen Auto-D-Quinon 55mm f/1.9 . This is a pretty little thing. It feels really rich despite needing a little TLC. I'm guessing it could probably be shot as is, but here is what I see: The aperture looks dry and moves freely, but responds to the ring being turned whether set to "M" or "A". Maybe the switch isn't working right? Also, when I hold the lens up to the light, I see some very thin marks that look like scratches. I don't see any scratches on the front or rear elements, so I'm guessing it's some sort of haze or mold or something that needs cleaning. Lastly, I notice that the coating is a bit spotted looking on the rear element, and, to a lesser extent, the front element. You can see it a bit in the photos of the rear element. Honestly, I don't have a lot of experience with stuff like this and how it will effect image quality. I just use the stuff and if I like it, I'm good, so please excuse my ignorance in not knowing the right terms. The focus is a little stiff but very smooth. I think it hasn't been used in quite a long time, so maybe it just needs a little exercise

camerastuffweb-13.jpg camerastuffweb-14.jpg camerastuffweb-15.jpg (more pics in following post...)

4. And while I'm at it, The following Cokin filters: Gradual T2 A (125), Coef. X 2.5 Sepia A (5), Double exposure B (346), Double mask 1 A+B (342). I got those as part of a trade and don't see myself using them.

For trading, I would be interested in the following:

-OM system glass (I have a 50mm f/1.4 and a 135mm that I am happy with. I like fast glass and I'm not a fan of zooms)
-A cool rangefinder so I can get a feel for them and see if my intense Leica Lust is justified. I don't have my heart set on anything in particular. A bright viewfinder is probably most important to me, as my vision isn't very sharp, even with my contacts. If it is a fixed lens, I would like it to be fairly fast glass for low-light shooting.
-A spotmeter. I am currently using my iphone. I think it's time for a change
-Film. Mostly interested in some b&w. I don't have much of a preference yet for brand/type. I'm still in the phase where I like it all and will shoot anything. I'm mostly in need of 35mm right now. It always seems I remember the 120 but forget the 35 when I put an order in.
-Maybe there is something else. There are probably plenty of photography things that I don't know I need.

If what you have is worth more than what you want from me, I might be open to making up the difference monetarily for the right stuff Although I am pretty new here, you can view my 100% positive feedback on ebay under the same name ( Pipyr ). I have tried to describe the worst of everything so there will be no unpleasant surprises. Thanks!!