Is Abbasi getting an unfair amount of criticism?
There were other people there.
Who knows how far away he really was.
Could he have done anything if he didn't take the photo.
How much time did he have.
There are other circumstances that could have contributed to his inaction. But it wasn't really inaction. He did do something. He took a picture. A previous poster called it a crappy image. I have to disagree with that opinion or at least say it isn't that bad. If it were crappy we would have an easier time believing his story that it was an incidental result of his trying to get the driver's attention. I think the composition is what gets me the most even though that could easily have been adjusted in post. It gives the impression that there was deliberate thought put into making the image. And I think that is where the criticism is coming from. I guess the idea is that, unlike the other people there, his brain didn't lock up. I also think he's taking a lot of heat as a result of the headline the paper used. "How can someone stand there and take a picture?" was something that crossed my mind when I first saw it. I didn't think of the possible circumstances surrounding the tragedy and I have to wonder why is it so easy to presume that he could have done something?