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wait, so you have chromes (slides), not negatives? Sadly, the technology designed to wet-print those (Cibachrome/Ilfochrome) is discontinued.

However, you can contact-print a chrome onto B&W negative film (an internegative; use TMX) and then make a print from that. Same process applies for making colour prints, just use a fine neutral C41 internegative (eg Portra 160 now that the designed-for-interneg emulsions are all gone) and print to RA4.
If you have close-up/slide-copying gear for your camera, you can rephotograph the chromes onto ordinary B&W film to give a negative, all of which can be done in the light.

I used to do this regularly (as did my Dad, who shot a lot of slides)...I used a medium speed film and soft-working developer, kept the contrast of the negs more easily printable.