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I've been down on NYC tracks before and it is a little bit of a jump and a push to get back up. For comparison the T in Boston is barely a step high in many stations.
you are right newt_on _swings ..
i was on the redline platform .. and it was a good 5-6 foot drop
other places on the red line ( charles ) not even a step since it is on a bridge
but kendal, central harvard, porter, davis and aelwife are all a 5-6' drop ( sometimes more ! )

i guess people feel inadequate or afraid for their life so they don't help. i am trained in lifesaving/first aid
emergency preparedness and survival from an early age so i am kind of prepared to help if i can ...
i feel sorry for anyone these days who gets hurt and a crowd just watches ... or ignores.

i had a friend who witnessed a car wreck back maybe 25 years ago. he pulled over, pulled the guy out of the wreck
and saved his life ..... and people said " wasn't he worried about getting aids or hep. or hurt " he kind of shook his head
and said if he didn't do what he did, the guy would have been dead and he would have been one of the lame people who just pass by.

oh well, people gotta do what they gotta do ..