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No, there will be no ugliness and you shouldn't regret anything except that it may be inappropriate in this context. Let me be clear: I think your opinion is valid even though I disagree. But I think opinions on that topic have no place in this forum. So believe what you will, but making generic statements like that is rediculously untrue -- meaning not all women ... and not all men ...

And every time you say "we" this and "we" that... you should make sure you say "I". Your attitude seems, IMO, a lot less experienced and mature than it will be after you are married for a while and walked a few more miles on the face of this earth. IMHO, of course, and with no disrespect intended.

Let's talk photography.
Hi Brian I respect fully what you say, maybe you are right and we should talk photography. What I mean with we this and that is in a general sence. It has grown in part through my experinece working with men on building sites whish I used to do in my youth for about ten years.
The way a lot of guys talk is not nice and sometimes a bit anti women. Certainly not all, some of the most noble people I have meet were there. The last ten years I have worked mostly with women, the other side of the coin and I enjoy analising the differences. Sometimes I may exagerate what I mean to make a point.
No intention wanted to put "us" or "we" in a box. No who is better or anything like that, that would be stupid from my part and cheap. The differences of the two mentalities in a very general way is for me fascinating.
I may not be married but have been living with my girlfriend for over 14 years, so as far as I am concerned that is as good as a marriage.
But lets get back to photography thats why we are here.