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Thanks for all the replies. I guess I'll try both the M6 and the Bessa R2 viewfinders before I decide on a purchase. It does seem a little strange though that given the high cost of the Leica, they haven't found a fix for this, even if it is not that troublesome to some. If Cosina can incorporate a viewfinder that apparently doesn't flare in a much cheaper priced camera, why can't Leica?
Leica did fix the problem. They added a small lens into the viewfinder mechanism which eliminated the flare. MP cameras have the improved viewfinder, so they don't flare. Some folks have had the MP viewfinder installed in their M6 but most folks don't. In reality, the flare is no big deal. It rarely happens. As somebody else suggested, you may see it a few times/year. If I had a M6, I sure wouldn't worry about it.

Jim B.