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Is this made by canon? I'm not buying it so much as curious I've never seen it and don't even understand you said 10:1 you mean 1:10? A 10:1 is not very useful.

And canon's high new MP-E 65mm only goes 1:5...


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These are extreme macros meant for use with bellows (obvious because of the absence of a focusing helicoid)....kind of like the Macro Nikkors and the Zeiss Luminars........the magnification is controlled by the bellows extension, but typically these lenses are optimized for a particular magnification. 10:1 would be difficult to use in the field of course.

Canon's MP-E 65 is a "zoom" macro.....goes from 1-5X (meaning 5:1 life-size).....supposed to be a fantastic lens. I am, however, wedded to the Nikon system and besides, I have the coveted Zeiss Luminar 63mm anyways.