I got a chance this morning to take a better look at the values of these things. The below prices are on the low side of what I found from recent sales, to give an idea of what I'm looking for for trade values or offers.

Minolta 85mm f/1.7 rokkor x: $175-200 is what I found for lenses in similar or worse condition. This lens seems to have a reputation for being especially nice. Too bad I'm an olympus girl for my 35mm slr.

Rolleicord: Ugh, I can never figure out what's what with these cameras, so I'm just going to say around $40-50. I forgot to mention that the shutter does appear to work smoothly. The slow speeds might be a little slow, but I do think it's useable overall. I've have some interest in this, and am getting back to people one at a time.

German 55mm: This one seems to be the toughest to pinpoint. I think I'll estimate this at about $150 and hopefully someone will get a good deal out of it.

Thanks again