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DK-50 is a old common formula that was for deep tank and "press" use so it times are very short for 1:0 and even 1:1, but it has a nice 'brilliance' and a very nice and pronounced grain effect. Works much better than the common wisdom would have you think. Lasts a Long time, is easy to make and cheap, especially if you have the Sodium Metaborate around.
That sounds really nice. Pronounced grain, lasts a long time. Yes please. I have a bottle of undiluted rodinal I'm working through very slowly, any idea how long that is supposed to last?
Ever used DK-50 as a paper developer?

Robert, I may not have used it for the right situation. And I probably didn't know what I was looking for anyways. Would you tell me some more about your experience with it? I guess it might be worth trying again, I'm still a novice at judging exposure and development factors.