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You're right. He can't print worth bananas, if he's doing his own printing. If he's shopping it out to a lab, he desperately needs to fire his lab. But also bear in mind that he's still a 1st year student at ICP, which isn't exactly an MFA program or Brooks Institute.
To be honest after reading the article in which he throws around some big names and that he has a magazine spread to his name I expected more. As I've stated before he is a poor slob because he will forever be compared to his grand daddy who had a very different style, maybe Michael Avedon will find his own unique style in the future sloppiness ain't one imo. Wouldn't want to be him to be honest the last name thing.

For the holga look that is in fashion. I excuse his framing and exposure what I do not forgive is the dirt (dust, etc..) on the prints, it doesn't fit the images, my opinion would be different if the images were supposed to be gritty streetshots or something similiar and not portraits of his grandma. They don't look edgy or holga but merely sloppy.