Eventually, I opted for the bessa r3a - and got it yesterday from Robert White. Thoughts so far ... it is heads above the R2, it just seems to "feel" better in my hands. The RF was spot on so none of the reported misalignment problems. The 1:1 vf is a bit odd, but I do like it, the 40mm framelines are close to the edge, but that's not a prob, I find framing so far to be not an issue at all (I got the nokton 40mm with it too).

ONly slight difficulties so far ... the shutter speed readings are difficult to see in day light, although not impossible, and the slotted nokton lens shade rattles slightly when attached - again, not an impossible problem. And the shutter release is far too easy to fire when depressing 1/2 way for a meter reading ... something that is overcome with a little care though. The more i get to know this camera, the more I REALLY like it. thanks for the advice everyone.