Hello, I hope this isn't inappropriate. I'm not trying to cheat the classifieds but I have two questions.

I have a Rolleiflex 2.8D that I want to sell. It is in excellent condidtion cosmetically and mechanically but there is slight haze in the taking lens. It was CLA'd by Harry Fleener (I got it second hand, however) so it is very very smooth but it has the stock screen (which I prefer over fresnel, actually). I have a CLA'd 2.8E with Maxwell so I'm not sure to keep or sell this thing but anyways...

Clean or not to clean?
Would it be more profitable if I got the lens cleaned, and then sold it? Or should I just sell it as is. I can provide pictures to show that it is useable, even wide open, but slightly lower contrast. It is noticeable however. I talked to a camera tech and about getting lenses cleaned and he told me the schenider lenses tend to haze but they are easy to clean. I know that with some lenses, haze is pretty much death, but with Rollei...I'm not sure. At focal point, this operation costs ~$200.

How should I price this?
Antiquecameras price these things at $650-$950. This is a better conditioned Rollei and it has been CLA'd; however, the lens needs work (~$200, I think). I guess $900 if I got the lens cleaned and around $700 if I don't? Harry Fleenor cameras bring in more money but I guess that would be offset by the fact that it is a Xenotar and that it needs more work (if I do not clean the lens).