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Wow..you people are harsh..no wonder I stay away from forums. Last time I checked, when it comes to "art", someone's turd is often someone else's gold. There are squeaky clean images and prints out there, (which often reads boring) from good artists and printers that don't sell, and crazy stuff that does. Passing judgement and ragging on someone who may not be making art to your taste is a wonderful exercise in futility. If the kid is good, and/or his last name helps his career, God bless.
I agree with you as long the "kid" is good I don't care who his father, mother brother, sister, dog, etc.. is but if he only has the name but lacks quality then I have a problem with the kid being pushed and getting jobs. I also believe that nobody really complained about the photos as such but about the poor processing which I doubt was planed or was/is part of his art. Some of his images are not bad at all, but the poor processing dust etc kills them.

I also agree with Eric Rose "This early attention, totally undeserved in my estimation may in the long run hurt him if he isn't strong enough to forge on."

I wish him the best of luck and hope that he learns to either spot his prints and clean the scanner or that he creates images that fit the dust/processing.