Hi Bob, I'm a fan as well

I echo the sentiment expressed by a couple of other people regarding the unequal size of the photos on your home page. It just seems to throw things off balance a little; but otherwise, all good!

I know you said you're only putting up this site for the sake of galleries being able to see your work online but I do have a suggestion for the "guy" you spoke of who was going to "add things" for you. It's in regard to Search Engine Optimisation. I'm unsure of how interested you are in directing people other than gallery owners to your work, but assuming you'd like to be found as easily as possible, there are a few tweaks to throw into the meta data. Primarily (and the first thing I noticed) is that your home page is entitled simply "Home". My suggestion would be to make this a tad more descriptive, e.g Home of Laura Paterson and Bob Carnie's Fine Art Printing - or something along those lines - just to get your names up there and out there. Along with this, keywords can be added into the meta data so that when someone searches on Google or any other search site, your web page will be offered up when it matches the terms listed. Google's little bots have a tendency to only read, um, twenty or fifty (I can't recall which now) of the first of your keywords, so get your most important ones in there first. A description for the site can also be placed in the meta data. With your photos, each and every one of them should have a title tag and alt tag (they're visible only to search engines but don't show up on or below the actual image, so you needn't worry about the clogging up your nice clean page!). You can, of course, add captions below those you'd like to provide visible information for as well.
These are all things search engines pay attention to and will help make your site more visible and more easily located.

I don't know if those ideas have any interest and use for you; I just thought I'd mention them

Okay, geek talk done with..... lovely images from both you and Laura, Bob, and a nice clean site within which to view them.