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hitchcock suggested nails ( from what i remember )
Kinda off topic, but it reminds me of the story about an undertaker.

A woman told the undertaker that her dead husband always was mortified if his toupée was not on properly. She was very insistent that the toupée be on properly and not slip off during the open casket viewing and funeral. The undertake promised that he knew how to make sure that everything would be properly done to keep the toupée in place.

All through the wake and funeral the toupée remained in place. The wife was happy.

A few months later the wife was curious about what the undertaker did to keep the toupée on. So she went to the undertaker and asked exactly what he did to successfully keep the toupée in place when neither the husband nor the wife were able to do that while her husband was alive. The undertaker said, "Simple, I used nails."