So i need some xmas money so i'm selling off some of my many unused camera systems... This is a gently used bessa R2 that I bought used and only barely used...

Camera: and trigger winder: Some wear on the corner by the winder (see picture) ... meters match my spot meter and all shutter speeds work fine.. Great camera ALSO COMES WITH OEM VOIGTLANDER CASE!!

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photo(8) by Heespharm, on Flickr

photo(16) by Heespharm, on Flickr

Lenses: All lenses come with front and rear caps!

1. voigtlander color skopar 21mm f4 WITH viewfinder!!
Great condition no scratches, haze, fog, and blades are clean... viewfinder is good condition... This lens alone is 469 dollars new from camera quest... comes with 40.5 mm leica red filter

photo(13) by Heespharm, on Flickr

2. Jupiter 8 shimmed for voigtlander 50mm f/2
good condition, light scratches on lens that won't affect picture it's barely noticeable and in very good shape for a vintage lens... no haze, fog, and blades are clean

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3. Jupiter 9 shimmed for voigtlander 85mm f2
good condition,very very very light scratch on lens that won't affect picture, no haze, fog, and blades are clean... This is truly beautiful glass

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This is all sold together.. Will not part!

Brand new this setup is well over 1000 dollars worth of stuff

$600 obo plus shipping charges

This is a steal!! but xmas is just around the corner