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eh??? The Minolta Dynax/Maxxum mount (which is the Sony a-mount) easily takes M42 lenses with a glassless adapter - with no infinity focus problems. Dunno where you got that info from. There's a whole subforum on Dyxum.com dedicated to M42.

Well, I meant as in they consider them to have poor image quality. Seems to be the same mindset that says "if it wasn't made yesterday then you must replace it", which the Sony marketing machine is particularly skilled at. A friend of mine uses Sony gear, to the best of my knowledge they've never tried a Takumar but consider them garbage, presumably from what they've read on some forum or other.

Funnily enough they went rather quiet after I started posting images taken with one online! My old K-m wouldn't meter properly with M42 lenses but the K-5 will, so I've been playing around with various Taks a fair bit, although I try to buy the first series of K lenses (SMC Takumars with the new mount) instead as they don't need an adapter.