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Thats just another SLR. The QL17 is desirable because it is a rangefinder with a fast 40mm f1.7 lens, the option of fully manual or shutter priority, exposure lock, flash sync at all speeds and is small enough to slip in a pocket.
It's a 70's relic, with cheap and nasty build quality.

My EOS has the fastest auto-focus in it's class, the latest EOS ETTL-2 flash system, plus it does fully-auto, shutter priority, Apeture priority, fully manual, has Canon's excellant DOF feature, 4.5fps motor drive, fill in flash at all speeds, 35 zone, partial and centre weighted metering, auto-bracketing, do I need to go on? I could you know. What a beauty. New price 340 quid from discount stores. I got it ex-demo with 12mnths warranty, boxed with instructions for a mear 140 quid. Not a mark on it. What a steal! He he.

If I want a fast lens I can pop on my 24mmf1.4L, my 35mmf2,my 50mmf1.8 or perhaps my lovely 100mmf2.

Will it fit in my pocket? Well not with the f1.4L on it, but it will with the little 35mmf2.

100 quid for a secondhand Canonet? Oh dear somebody lost the plot!