Alright, another go 'round, looking to see the effect of changing developer concentration in conjunction with variations in exposure.
The exposure range for these strips was from 2.5 ls to 12.5 ls (the 10 ls zone still the lightest after reversal) in 1/6th stop increments. Reversing exposure the same, other than where indicated. The first six strips were developed at 1:4 dilution, with the seventh at 1:5.
it appears to me that developer concentration has a similar effect to shifting exposure/development when push or pull processing on film; there is an inherent compromise between tonal range and tonal contrast.
it seems that at these very high developer energies/concentrations that the relatively small variations in exposure have a smaller overall effect, and need to be within a narrower range, than developer concentration.

Any input? I'd love to know what Photo Engineer might say about any of this, or anyone with more technical knowledge than i have.