Well Matt , you probably will as our work is going to be in Calgary in Feb then its being shipped to Vancouver.. We are hoping to have a show next spring/summer/or fall in Vancouver then down to Los Angeles.

Mmmm Carnie Effect I will have to ponder this one.

Bruce what the hell is smaltzz

Molli - points well taken.. this project is in its baby steps and we are putting this out here and on Large Format to get exactly what all of you are saying.

marenmgowan- yes the film is Kodak IR- Laura has over 26 binders full of INNOCENCE images shot on IR, we are mining the archives now and it will
take a couple of years... We will be making enlarged negatives and printing Carbon over Palladium for all this work. The colour holga work will be done
tri colour carbon.

kenneth - the arrangement of type is an area where I will discuss with my web guy.

Thank you all , I appreciate all the nice comments and suggestions.

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The problem with calling it solarisation is that there is another, quite different phenomenon that has had that name longer .

And that the Sabbatier effect is actually the correct name, even if it isn't the colloquial name.

But I still would really like to see Bob's prints, even if he has to call it the Carnie effect!

PS: Here is what wikipedia says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solarisation