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Can you categorically claim this to be true?
I've done it, er, 370 times now to no ill effect. My spirals are completely clean, they load perfectly and do not contaminate the developer. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?

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Well then you have a problem. You eventually have to remove the film from the reel to use it. Just be careful, never had a problem.
Well obviously, it comes out either to be hung up to dry or to be sleeved (if you dried it the reel, which I don't). The problem comes if you unspool it (say, a 120 roll) into an icecream container and slosh it a bit in the photoflo. The film will rub on the container a little, and the corners of the film will rub on a neighbouring bit of film, causing tiny hairline scratches - you have to really look hard for them.