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Dear Alex et al,

We have been absolutely 'blown away' by the distributor and customer feedback on these single use mono camera's especially in relation to a 'pure' mono HP5+ version.......its gone 'viral' on twitter and facebook I am told ??????/...

In answer to your question, yes they certainly will be available 'down under'. As explained above they are literally starting to leave our factory this week so its takes time to fill the supply chain, 10 days or so to Europe then the resellers have to order them, 4 weeks to the States, 6 weeks to Australia...and ditto re reseller orders, but they are coming.

To answer a couple of questions, they are normal 35mm films, we have no plans to put on a sync or an underwater version but we will keep an eye on any 'viable' opportunities.

I have tested these camera's myself, the thing that actually really impressed me was the quality ( sharpness ) of the lens and the build quality, it certainly passed all our QC tests in relation to picture quality and camera performance, but obviously its a SUC ( single use camera ) it ain't no Leica...!

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Thanks for answering and good info, glad it's real 35mm film.

You didn't mention about paid processing in the USA, is that an option?

If not at least I can break it apart and process the 35mm myself, use the lens elements to make a home camera


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