I think it has to do with how open we are to our spouses, and also about how responsible we are with other things.

If you have an otherwise good relationship, can talk openly about anything, the bills are getting paid, and so on, then there is no reason to hide anything. My current partner and I have an agreement where we have completely separate finances. Every month we must pay exactly 50% of all shared bills and utilities, and if we can't make it it will be painfully noticeable. But if I took delivery of a lot of film that same month, or packages arrived at the door step, then my excuse for not being able to pay my share of the bills isn't credible. That's almost a breach of trust, and is very bad for a relationship.
On the other hand, if I take care of my 50% effortlessly and pay my share every month without any hiccups, then any package arriving is a lot less significant, and she will ask me out of curiosity what it is, and when I tell her and show her what they are, she usually becomes interested in what it is.

So, I am convinced that if there are other things to hide, a big display of cameras worth lots of money becomes a bit of an insult to our partners, but if the relationship is open in discussion, honest, and with all necessities taken care of, then it's something we should encourage in one another. It's all about empathy. If finances are not an issue and you still feel like you need to hide your cameras, something else is broken in the realm of respect and wishing each other happy lives.