Hello All,
I have had my kaiser film loader for a while now and have yet to figure out how to get the numbering on my rolls to come out right. I have read the instructions a hundred times (i can read german) and they seem clear to me. Yet the numbering always starts on a different and random number; never at 1.
I have attached the instructions I have so you can reference what I'm using.
I have watched all the videos I can find on this but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.
Here's the procedure I'm following (staring with the bulk film already in the loader):

1. Check the iso indicator (There is a red dot and a white dot. I'm aligning my iso to the white dot.).
2. Pull down the reset lever (No. 9 on the diagram) to bring the "Film Meter" to the "S" position. I do this before each roll. Maybe I shouldn't?
3. Line up the two white triangles on the exposure counter (No. 11 on the diagram).
4. Remove the Crank and open the cover.
5. Turn the film transport knob (No.5 on the diagram) to bring some film out.
6. Tape the film to the spool and close the cartridge.
7. Turn the Transporter knob back to retract the film and bring the cartridge into the compartment.
8. Close lid. Insert Crank. Turn crank until I get to 36.
9. Remove crank. Open lid. Turn Transporter. Cut film.

What am I doing wrong?
I have tried many variations but to no avail.
Should I NOT pull the reset lever each time? I have noticed that after I have aligned the triangles and then turn the transporter to bring film out, the counter moves and the triangles go out of alignment. Should I put them back?
Sometimes when taping the film to the spool I pull the film further out of the loader. Could this be causing the problem?
Thanks in advance for any help!