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Wow..you people are harsh..no wonder I stay away from forums. Last time I checked, when it comes to "art", someone's turd is often someone else's gold. There are squeaky clean images and prints out there, (which often reads boring) from good artists and printers that don't sell, and crazy stuff that does. Passing judgement and ragging on someone who may not be making art to your taste is a wonderful exercise in futility. If the kid is good, and/or his last name helps his career, God bless.
If you're going to capitalize on the Avedon name, and get the NY Times to run an article about you, then you'd better be ready for the attention. Eric is right, he may just need maturing, and his work is no worse than any first year photography student. But it sure as shit doesn't say "Avedon" and it sure as shit doesn't say New York Times-worthy. One of the things his grandfather was noted for was immaculate printing. If you're going to claim his mantle, then start where he left off, and be a damned fine printer, or hire one. Or pull an Anderson Cooper and don't use the Avedon name - after all AC's REAL last name is Vanderbilt. As in Gloria. And Cornelius. But he went out and did his journalism thing without using the name that would have always had folks saying he got where he was because of strings, not because of talent.