Ok see...at some point I'm going to run out of jokes so someone needs to buy this camera. But anyhow, a woman walks up to a dark corner of the bar in a pub and motions for the bartender to come over. He does and the woman leans forward toward him. When his face is close to hers, she begins to caress his neck and cheeks, running her fingers up into his hair also. While caressing him she says "are you the manager?" The bartender, hardly able to speak at this point says "no, I'm just working here." She says "can you get him for me?" "I don't have his telephone number," says the bartender "but what can I do for you?" "Well," says the woman placing her index finger playfully into his mouth and playing with his tongue "When he comes around I really need you to give him a message. I need you to tell him there is no toilet paper at all in the ladies room."

So buy it...the camera, that is. I promise I'll try to find this pub and give them a couple of dollars from the proceeds for toilet paper so situations like this can be avoided.