I have a Hassy split screen on loan, basically, and I'm noticing that in lower light conditions with a 150mm f/4 lens it seems to get a bit dark in the split image circle.
So far I really like it, and will probably end up getting it to keep it as an option, as it really helps when using the NC2 prism. However, the darkening issue is a bit of a concern. This is a non-acumatte version, would the acu-matte version eliminate this? I've read similar online, but I was wondering on hearing some first hand experiences. It does not seem to do this with the 60mm, only the 150, but seeing as how I need the 150 AND the NC2 at the same time for portraits and such, a split image screen that dosen't darken would be really valuable... So... Before I even think about the expense of another acu-matte screen with a split focus, I want to be sure it will actually suit my needs.

Thank you!