I have been using and VERY happy with the Ilford Ilfospeed 500 enlarger head system on my D2. A few months back, however, my fan motor in the head literally blew up in smoke. It seems that my fan continuously runs while powered on. It will sound like it "kicks off" but the fan never stops running; and it didn't always do that. I don't know if the power supply runs/triggers the fan or if in fact it is a head issue, but luckily I have a backup (of all components) and was able to replace the burned out head with another. The fan, however, is doing the same thing! I thought that perhaps it's something to do with the power supply, so I went to change it out and use the backup, but cannot get that one to power up! So, myquestions are:

1) what component is responsible for the fan turning on and off (triggered by heat/time/whatever) - the head, power supply or the controller (which I also have a backup of, but haven't tried yet). Does using the probe made a difference at all with any of this?

2) is there a place/person that repairs the Ilford 500 Ilfospeed system? I would need both the burned out fan head and the non-working power supply fixed. This sucker will be a BEAR to ship (power supply is super heavy) but it's worth it to me to have this system running smoothly. I cannot imagine going back to some type of under the lens filter system (oh, and I also use the probe and footswitch, if that means anything regarding my issue...).


I do have a currently working setup, but with the fan never actually turning off, I know it's probably only a matter of time before this head gets fried!

Thanks for your help!