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Remember that you do not have to renew your contract. Life got better when I declared myself a free agent after 24 years of service.
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Sirius, it is seriously time for you to let go of your bitterness to your ex. You have been bitching about her for years on a PHOTOGRAPHY forum, and crowing about your trophy girl.
I was a very bitter and angry woman for a while. One of the ways my current (14 years) sweetheart impressed me was by not dissing his ex. His example helped me let go of my anger. He won out over other contenders because he was a grown up.

I also want to thank the guys who have objected to the mysogynistic remarks this thread has flushed out. I've been biting my tongue ever since it started.
I do not understand it. When I mention that someone, male or female, does not have to renew their marriage contract, the men laugh and the women get angry. 'Splain it to me.