You would have to determine what the first number on the roll of film by cutting off a piece and developing it.

You would have to determine how much film your camera wastes at the beginning and end of each roll.

You would have to figure out if an offset is needed and account for that in your process.

Then, once you have determined all that, you would have to do everything the exact same way every time. If your count goes off by more than a little bit, your system will be screwed and you'll have to start all over again.

Too much of a PITA.

Just label and date each roll of film you develop and store them in an orderly fashion.

For example, refer to a given frame of film as <DATE> <ROLL> <FRAME>: Dec. 7, 2012 -- Roll 3 -- Frame 15(A)

Shorthand: 2012/12/07 R3 F15(A)

Done this way (or in a similar way) every single image you make has a unigue identifer that you can always keep track of.

The frame numbers printed on the border of the film are just nominal.