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Hi Darko,
I haven't shot with the ƒ/3,5 M Elmar, it might be identical to the ƒ/3,5 LTM Elmar made around the same time during the 50's.
You are having a second thoughts about the M ƒ/2,8 You wanted? You can always go Zeiss Sonnar ƒ/1,5 way
Well, guy who was selling me black elmar f2.8 changed his mind. So yesterday I was going thru ebay and I saw some nice not too expensive summar. While looking on summar - it was gone, purchased :\ ! Then I went on Meister Leica Camera Hamburg shop, and while looking on another summar - it was gone - reserved and purchased :o !

So today I was fed up: I decided to get myself Xmass present today - and elmar 50mm f3.5 M mount is on his way.