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The obvious question is whether you're close enough to grab them.

I definitely wouldn't take the photo. I'd be too busy employing some robust Anglo-Saxon terms in an effort to get them to snap out of it and get off the track!
Or, if what I saw in the photo (posted on that website) was accurate, running down toward the edge of the platform, waving my arms and pointing at the guy trying to get the conductor to stop the train.

How is flashing your camera at the conductor supposed to warn him of an impending accident?

First, there is no way for the conductor to make the connection between a flashing camera and a human obstruction on the track.

Second, and more importantly, the flash of the camera probably distracted the driver's attention. He might not have seen the man in front of him because he was too busy looking at some yahoo taking pictures.

So, in theory, it might be said that the photographer's actions contributed to the man's death.