There is a very high quality solution if you have a masking system. Basically what you can do is place a piece of film under your negative and expose it to white light under your enlarger. You expose/develop the target film in such a way as to end up with only your black pinhole dot on it. With the masking system the negative and your target film are easily exactly aligned and placed together in the neg carrier (possibly with some diffusion between the two to reduce any edge effects). You would then have a custom made pinhole dodger! You wouldn't have to alter your original neg and the result would be repeatable print to print. This works best on 120 film and larger.

Another approach would be to tape a piece of mylar, or some other opaque material that would take a pencil or pen, on top of your neg. On a light table, try to put a precise dodging dot on the mylar, then try to print through this sandwich. It would be tough to do well, but might at least lighten the dot and make it easier to deal with.

Let me know if any questions,